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SSMF Series Mill

SSMF Series Mill

SSMF Series Plastic Milling Machine
1Equipped with electrical appliances from Germany;
2Less electricity consumption, higher throughput;
3Easy structure , easy installation;
4Clearance between moving and fixed blades and special adjusters (completed within three minutes) to control the size of powder easily;
5Main engine has wind and water circulating cooling systems;
6Fine blades which can be easily changed and used repeatedly after being sharpened.


Main technical parameters

Model ZY-500
Disc diameter(mm) 500
Disc diameter(kw) 37-45
Blower(kw) 7.5
Shaker Electric Mobility(kw) 1.1
Discharge motor(kw) 0.75
PVC milling capacity(kg/h) 260-350
LDPE milling capacity(kg/h) 150-260
Dimensions(mm) 1900/1700/3900
Weight(kg) 2200


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