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PET sheet extrusion line (twin screw extruder)

PET sheet extrusion line (twin screw extruder)


Use in produce PET, PLA sheets, reduce pre-drying crystallization of the energy consumption and adapt to the material for the production of the second, high yield, low energy consumption, high-quality plastics characteristics.
The screw to the modular structure, multiple portfolio, its extensive scope, not only adapted to the production of PET. Also suitable for the PLA and starch biodegradable materials production.
Barrel used double exhaust outlets, vacuum exhaust ensure full emit water vapor. Extruder equipped with molten metering pump quantitative output, and set up the pressure and speed closed loop auto control. The twin-screw extruder Used PLC control, the actual parameter setting, data and the feedback operation, the alarm and other functions of automation.


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