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PE/PP/PVC/ABS/PA Profile Extrusion Line

PE/PP/PVC/ABS/PA Profile Extrusion Line Products and components of PE/PP/PVC/ABS/PA Profile Extrusion Line

Main features:

PE/PP/ABS/PA/PVC Profile Extrusion Line has equipped with double-cone or flat twin-screw extruder, can process PVC plastic door and window profiles, aluminum-plastic composite profiles, and special cables porous threading pipe, decorative profiles and so on. Performance and advantages: adopt the latest foreign technology, to optimize the design unit, with plasticizing uniform a smal shear rate, high output, long life and so on. The unit has conical twin-screw extruder, vacuum shaping table, traction machine, cutting machines, foil machines, stacker and so on. Host imported AC frequency or DC speed drag, temperature control instruments adopted Japanese RKC product. Auxiliary vacuum pump and traction motors are used high-quality product sand maintenance is simple, after replacing the screw barrel and die, you can directly extruder wood foam profile. the results is better than the single screw.


Main technical parameters

Model Product rangemm Max yieldkg/h Max speedm/min Total powerkw Line lengthm
ZY-100 100*50 100 0.6-1.5 80 22
ZY-150 100*50 150 0.6-1.5 80 22
ZY-250 250*120 250 0.6-1.5 120 26
ZY-450 450*120 250 0.6-1.5 120 26


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